Kayla Baltunis


Find out more about Kayla Baltunis' specialties in graphic design and photography.


I'm a New Haven-based graphic designer and photographer who likes to test the limits of experimentation while providing effective visual solutions.

I dabble in both print and digital graphic design, and I take on a variety of projects that involve brand identity, product design, web design, and everything in between. The end goal is always the same, though: to create compelling yet practical solutions that fulfill the objectives of my clients.

In the realm of photography, I am always seeking inspiration in the beauty around me, whether it is a stunning landscape or a candid family moment. Experimenting with fisheye lenses, time lapses, and HDR photography is especially exciting to me—but at the same time, taking a traditional photograph can feel very rewarding, especially when there is a conceptual twist on it.

I always enjoy getting my feet wet with new projects, ideas, techniques, and styles, so feel free to get in touch!